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Celé epizody zdarma, exkluzivní videa ze zákulisí, online chaty nebo soutěže. To a ještě víc z vaší oblíbené televize.


Christoph Mainusch

Executive Director & CEO

Christoph Mainusch became CEO of Nova Group in September 2013. He is also responsible for managing Central European Media Enterprises (CME) as its Co-Chief Executive Officer. Christoph has had over 16 years of experience serving as CEO for several media companies (Alpha Media Group in Greece, RTL Televizija in Croatia, ACS Media GmbH). Previously, he worked as an advisor to the President of Turner Broadcasting International and was a member of the Operational Management Committee of the RTL Group.
Contact – office: Phone: +420 242 464 133
E-mail: cfo@nova.cz

Klára Brachtlová

Executive Director & CFO

Klára Brachtlová has been working in the finance department of Nova Group since 2007. During that time she was working on positions in the Reporting, Financial planning and analysis and since 2012 as Deputy CFO. Starting from February 2014, she held the position of Finance Director and Deputy CFO and has responsibility for accounting, statutory and group reporting, budgets, analysis and financial management of the company including cashflow monitoring. She graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Economics in Prague. Except for experience she gained working for a big international consultancy firm, she also worked on a similar position in an international company.
Contact – office: Phone: +420 242 464 131

Alex Ruzek

Programming Director

She started working for CME in 2005 in London, as a manager in the area of financial planning and analysis. From May 2009, she held the position of director of the Czech version of MTV international. Since December 2010, she has held the position of director of TV Channels and Programming. She compiles the TV Nova broadcasting schedule, creates a programming strategy for preparing and producing the broadcasting schedule, and coordinates the broadcasting process. She is responsible for national as well as foreign acquisitions and programme archiving. She graduated from Princeton University, majoring in economics; in the past, she worked for the New York companies Credit Suisse First Boston and Tailwind Capital Partners, which deal with investment opportunities in the media industry.
Contact – office: Phone: +420 242 464 131

Martin Švehlák

Head of News and Sports

Martin Švehlák took up the position as Head of News and Sports at TV Nova in 2013. Prior to this he worked as the Chief Editor for Content at TV Nova for two years. Martin Švehlák has worked as a journalist for his entire professional life. He first started as a reporter for the Reflex weekly, and continued with news and analysis at TV Nova to deputy editor-in-chief of the Blesk daily to the formation of the Mediafax press agency which he managed for five years.
Contact – office: Phone: +420 242 464 131

Jan Vlček

Sales Director

Jan Vlček is in charge of selling advertising time, program sponsoring and other forms of advertising across all television and Internet channels owned or represented by CET 21. He organizes and conducts the cross-selling of all of the company’s media and interfaces with media agencies. Jan Vlček came to TV Nova in October 2011 from BigMedia where he worked as the Managing Director; prior to that he had worked with WPP Group companies for ten years, including at MindShare and at the Prague and Moscow offices of JWT.
Contact – office: Phone: +420 242 464 131

Alan Záruba

Creative Director

Alan Záruba leads Nova Group’s creative department and will be in charge of projects involving the visual design of new TV programs, self promotion, and image campaigns.He has almost 20 years’ worth of experience in graphic design and visual communication. He also focuses on TV graphics and typography as well as being active in the fields of pedagogy, publication, curatorship, and publishing. He has been active in TV graphics since 2006, at first as the leading designer in public television and for the last two years, Alan Záruba has worked as the Art Director for the news and commentary service at TV Nova. He was in charge of the project that involved a comprehensive overhaul of the visual design of TV News and other news and commentary programs in recent months.
Contact – office: Phone: +420 242 464 131

Petr Horák

Head of Diversification

Petr has been heading VOYO since the creation of this section in October 2012. In the structure of the CME Group, which owns Nova, he has held the position as the head of VOYO videos portal since 2011. He has managed the launch of this portal in the Central and Eastern European countries in which the CME Group operates. Petr has been with CME since 2008; prior to joining CME, he held managerial positions at various companies, including the Vodafone and Český Telecom (today Telefónica O2) telecommunications companies.
Contact – office: Phone: +420 242 465 003
E-mail: novasport@nova-sport.cz

Anna Suchá

Corporate Communication Director

Anna Suchá has been working at TV Nova since 2013. In her position, she is responsible for the PR and external communication of the entire group. She came to the broadcaster from Ogilvy PR where she was in charge of communication for a number of international companies for more than six years and organized several specialized projects. She is a graduate of the University of Economics in Prague.
Contact – office: Phone: +420 242 465 003
E-mail: novasport@nova-sport.cz

Radmila Pinkavová – Jirkovská

Director of the Human Resources Management Division

She is responsible for the management of human resources with regard to hiring new employees, training, development and evaluation, remuneration, and programmes and benefits for employees. She is also responsible for occupational health and safety. She has worked for TV Nova in various managerial positions since 2001.
Contact – office: Phone: +420 242 464 111
E-mail: personalni@nova.cz

Josef Uher

Chief Technical Officer

Josef Uher is responsible for the development of the equipment required for producing and broadcasting the content of TV programs, and its interconnection with online activities, for organizing the procurement and implementation of such equipment, and for service support. He participates in the strategy for the distribution of broadcasting via the various platforms. He graduated from Czech Technical university in Prague and has been working for TV Nova since 1995.
Contact – office: Phone: +420 242 465 003
E-mail: novasport@nova-sport.cz